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Composition and design of a single-storey steel structure workshop

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Steel structure workshop is composed of frame, beam, wall and weighing column, etc. In the design of single-layer steel structure workshop, the first thing to ensure that the structure of the workshop does not affect the use of the second in the design time to calculate the bearing force of the beam, the selection of materials to meet the relevant standards.

Composition of single-layer steel structure workshop:

1. Transverse frame: composed of columns and the roof truss or roof beam supported by it, it is the main load-bearing system of the steel structure of single-storey workshop. It bears the dead weight of the structure, the wind and snow loads and the vertical and horizontal loads of the crane, and transfers these loads to the foundation.

2. Roof structure: structural system bearing roof load, including transverse frame beam, bracket, middle roof frame, skylight frame, purlin and so on.

3. Support system: including the support of the roof part and the support between columns. On the one hand, it forms the longitudinal frame of the steel structure of the single-storey workshop with columns and crane beams to bear the longitudinal horizontal load; On the other hand, the main load-bearing system is connected by individual plane structure into the whole structure of space, so as to ensure the necessary stiffness and stability of the steel structure of the single-storey workshop.

4. Crane beam and brake beam (or brake truss) : mainly bear the vertical and horizontal load of the crane, and transfer the load to the transverse frame and longitudinal frame.

5. Wall frame: Bear the dead weight and wind load of the wall.

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Single-layer steel structure plant design points:

1. In the column network arrangement of single-storey steel structure buildings, when column spacing is not equal, especially the column spacing of each longitudinal column column, the columns should be arranged on the common horizontal positioning axis to ensure the stiffness requirements of the workshop, so that the workshop can be used normally.

2. For the temperature expansion joint section length of single-storey steel structure building, it is better to set the expansion joint when the plant structure exceeds the designed value under special circumstances. This has the advantage of being separated into independent structures, making temperature changes negligible after a drop.

3. The transverse frame calculation of single-storey steel structure building. The transverse frame structure transfers the load and action of the plant structure to the foundation, which is the main load-bearing structure of the plant.

4. Calculation of longitudinal force transmission system of single-storey steel structure building, steel column, column.

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