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  • 30-10-2018
    Ⅰ. Steel column installation for steel structure construction1. Installation sequence of steel column:① Foundation setting out → ② binding → ③ hoisting → ④ correction → ⑤ final fixation2. Installation method of steel column:(1) Setting out:A. Elevation control:In this structural steel construction
  • 13-02-2018
    Step 1: Cutting Cut steel plate into pieces and connections by flame cutting machines (CNC, Semi-automatic flame cutting machines). Long strips will be used as web and flange plate, connections will be used as connected, reinforced or stiffening plate. Step 2: Assembly Combine web and flange plate
  • 09-10-2017
    1. The positioning axis and supporting surface elevation of the foundation are out of tolerance:The positioning axis of the foundation and the elevation of the supporting steel cylinder exceed the allowable deviation. The reasons are as follows:There are errors and deviations in foundation survey co

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