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  • 27-06-2022

    Agricultural steel building is a construction of steel materials and is one of the main types of construction. The structure consists mainly of steel bearings, steel columns, steel works and other components made of profile steel and steel plates and uses silanisation, pure manganese phosphation, washing and drying, galvanising and other rust and rust protection methods.

  • 27-06-2022

    The advantages of industrial steel building are high seismic performance, good fire resistance, short construction period, and durability. Compared with traditional factory buildings, industrial steel building has improved a lot, so it is strongly welcomed by the market.

  • 24-06-2022

    Steel structures are a new type of construction system that offers the benefits of low weight, easy installation, short construction time, good seismic performance, fast investment recovery and low environmental pollution. It is therefore generally preferred by all parties in the industry. Under the call for green construction, energy saving, environmental protection and resource recycling, steel structures have gradually become widespread in agricultural steel building and the scale of the steel construction industry has expanded further.

  • 24-06-2022

    Industrial steel building is a great invention. All components are prefabricated in the factory, and the site only needs to be assembled simply, thus greatly shortening the construction period. For a building of 6000 square meters, the basic installation can be completed in only 40 days.

  • 21-06-2022

    How much do you know about the Agricultural steel building?When you consider the building materials used in a new construction project, you will feel uneasy. In fact, by choosing steel (rather than wood, stone, brick, etc.), you have already taken the first step to ensure that the completed project

  • 26-02-2020

    What is the purpose of isolation?The purpose of isolation is to cut off the route of transmission in the infection chain,protect susceptible persons, and ultimately control or eliminate the source of infection.Therefore, it is an important measure to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Fro

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