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Why do we need the Commercial steel building?

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When commercial steel building is widely used, vigorously develop the choice of building energy saving and green building, which can promote the transformation of construction methods.

What is the current development status of commercial steel building?

commercial steel building adopts an innovative building system that integrates industries such as standardized design, industrialized production, assembly construction, integrated decoration, and information management to bring users a safer, more comfortable, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly experience. At present, commercial steel building has been widely used and promoted in many fields such as small and medium office buildings, business clubs, and tourist reception centers, and has been praised and praised by users.

What are the advantages of commercial steel building?

1. Energy saving and environmental protection, less construction pollution. commercial steel building adopts energy-saving technology, which greatly improves the performance of house thermal insulation and sound insulation, and improves the living comfort of the building. According to statistics, the prefabricated construction method can save about 50% water, 70% wood and 70% construction waste;

2. Integrated decoration, which is carried out simultaneously with architecture, structure and electromechanical design. The functional conditions, pipeline installation, wall decoration and parts installation are completed in place at one time, which not only ensures the decoration quality, but also avoids the repeated waste and secondary pollution of the secondary decoration of commercial steel building;

3. The appearance of commercial steel building is diverse, which can meet the requirements of organic integration of various buildings with regional characteristics, traditional culture and living habits. The designer's optimized design, reasonable spatial layout and beautiful architectural appearance make the living more comfortable.

Which machines are needed in the commercial steel building?

1. Clean room

The cleaning chamber is a box-shaped welding structure of the type of a large chamber plate, the inner wall of the chamber is lined with a wear-resistant protective plate and the cleaning process is carried out in a sealed chamber.

2. Supporting role

It is divided into indoor winding and loading and unloading, which promotes rolling.

The highly chromed wear-resistant coat and the limiting ring are used for the indoor roller strip coat. The highly chromed wear-resistant coat is used to protect the roller tread and to withstand the impact of projectiles. The limiting ring can allow the workpiece to run at a predetermined position to prevent deviations and cause accidents.

3. Lifting gear

Mainly consisting of upper and lower gears, cylinders, belts, funnels, etc.

The upper and lower strap discs of the same diameter take the ribs, the wheel plate and the hub to form a polygonal structure to increase friction, avoid slipping and prolong the life of the belt.

For the repair and replacement of the funnel and the overlapping tape, the lifting eyepiece is bent in shape and the lid is opened at the middle housing of the lifting eyepiece. Open the cover at the bottom of the hoist to remove the blockage of the lower floor.

Set the screws on both sides of the upper shelf of the hoist arch in such a way that the drawbar moves up and down to maintain the stiffness of the hoist belt.

The upper and lower belt discs use external spherical ball bearings with square seats, which can be adjusted automatically for vibrations and shocks and have good sealing performance.

Only the selected high-quality commercial steel building can give full play to its advantages. Qingdao Xinguangzheng Steel Structure Co., Ltd. commits to provide perfect commercial steel buildings and service for every customer.

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