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What is the significance of the Prefab House?

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The beam-column joints of prefab house are mainly connected by bolt welding. However, bolted joints are recommended for fabricated steel structures. The advantage of bolted connection (weld-free connection) is that the installation speed is fast and the construction quality is easier to control.

What is the actual value of prefab house?

  1. The construction period is short. Generally, the first floor of prefab house can be built in three or four days, and it only takes one or two days. Steel structure residential systems are mostly manufactured in factories and installed on-site. The amount of on-site work is greatly reduced. Therefore, the construction period can be greatly shortened, and the noise and dust generated during the construction, as well as the consumption of on-site resources and various on-site expenses are correspondingly reduced. Compared with reinforced concrete structures, the construction period can generally be shortened by one-half, the investment benefits can be brought into play in advance, capital turnover can be accelerated, and construction costs can be reduced by 3%-5%.

  2. Good seismic performance. Because the steel of Prefab House is an elastically deformable material, it can greatly improve the safety and reliability of the house. The steel structure has high strength, good ductility and light weight, which can greatly improve the mechanical performance of the structure, especially the seismic performance. Judging from the situation after the earthquake at home and abroad, the number of collapsed steel structure residential buildings is very small.

What is the importance of the prefab house?

In line with the development direction of building energy efficiency. Prefab house uses steel as the frame and thermal insulation wallboard as the enclosure structure, which can replace clay bricks, reduce the amount of cement, sand, stone, and lime, and reduce the damage to non-renewable resources. On-site wet construction is reduced, and the construction environment is better. At the same time, steel can be recycled and reused, and the environmental pollution during construction and dismantling is small, and its energy saving index can reach more than 50%, which belongs to the green building system.

The application of steel structure in Prefab House has opened up a new application market for my country's steel industry. It can also drive the research and application of related new building materials.

What are the structural features of prefab house?

Steel-finished house is generally a residential building constructed with factory-made, economical steel profiles as a supporting work and new lightweight, heat-conserving, heat-insulating and high-strength wall materials as a home. The industrialisation of the steel building house refers to the use of steel construction houses as the final product. Through socialized mass production, the process of investment, development, construction, construction and customer service of steel dwellings is centralised and unified into an overall organisational form. The industrialization of the steel building house is the development trend of the steel building house.

Knowing this, do you also need to order a Prefab House? Qingdao Xinguangzheng Steel Structure Co., Ltd. is committed to providing various Prefab Houses with high quality for all customers from all over the world.

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