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What is the meaning of residential steel building?

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Residential steel building is lightweight and high-strength. For buildings of the same weight, the steel structure has a small cross-section and a large net height, which can save building height. The number of layers of steel structure is more than that of concrete, which not only increases the building area, but also brings good economic benefits.

  • What are the advantages of Residential steel building?

  • What raw materials should be used for the walls of Residential steel building?

  • What is the roof system of Residential steel building?

What are the advantages of residential steel building?

1. Superior seismic performance

Compared with traditional residential structures, residential steel building is a flexible structure and has a lighter weight. Therefore, buildings with the same fortification intensity and the same site will bear less seismic force, and the earthquake disaster caused by them will be weakened accordingly. The use of steel in the earthquake zone structural housing will reduce casualties and property losses, with considerable comprehensive benefits.

2. Flexible layout and increased effective use area

Residential steel building adopts steel structure, which can realize large span under the premise that the cross-section is not too large, which makes the building function very flexible and can be flexibly arranged according to the needs of residents, which is conducive to meeting the needs of modern homes and adapting The needs of the modern housing market. Moreover, the steel structure is adopted, the cross-section of the beams and columns is small, and the use area of the residents is increased at the same time.

What raw materials should be used for the walls of residential steel building?

Residential steel building's steel frame system, steel frame-support system, steel frame-concrete core tube (shear wall) system outer walls can be filled with small concrete block walls, autoclaved lightweight aerated concrete slabs, and prefabricated reinforced concrete walls Board, steel wire mesh frame polystyrene sandwich panel, fiber cement external wall hanging panel, polyurethane composite external wall panel, metal surface embossed composite panel, etc. The inner wall can be made of glass fiber strong gypsum hollow board, fiber cement board infusion (foam concrete) wall, light composite wall board, etc.

What is the roof system of Residential steel building?

1. The flat roof of the residential steel building adopts steel beams (I-beam, C-shaped steel), prefabricated reinforced concrete roof panels, and thermal insulation and waterproof layer.

2. The sloping roof of residential steel building adopts portal frame, truss, light steel keel truss (bracket), I-shaped (or C-shaped) and steel purlin, colored cement tile, colored steel plate tile and colored asphalt tile roof. Thermal insulation and waterproof layer should also be used in the slope roof. The thickness of the insulation layer is determined by thermal calculation and meets the requirements of energy-saving design standards.

It is an important choice in residential building construction. A good Residential steel building starts with the best engineering staff, and Qingdao Xinguangzheng Steel Structure Co., Ltd. is always ready to help you meet your technical and practical requirements.

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