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What is the meaning of Prefab House?

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Prefab House refers to a building where parts and components produced in a factory are assembled and connected at the construction site. Steel structure prefabricated buildings refer to steel structure components produced in factories and assembled and connected at the construction site.

What is Prefab House?

Different countries have different understandings and practices of the housing system, but Prefab House generally refers to the main project of the house. Different residential products are formed due to the selection of different structural materials, structural types and construction methods, and constitute a number of corresponding residential products ranging from design to The complete technology of construction. The steel structure residential building system uses the steel structure form as the basis for the classification of the building system and becomes a branch of the building system.

Why choose Prefab House?

The material of Prefab House has good homogeneity and isotropy, which is an ideal elastic body, which is most in line with the basic assumptions of general engineering mechanics; the material has good plasticity and toughness, can have large deformations, and can well withstand dynamic loads; construction period is short ; It has a high degree of industrialization and can be used for specialized production with a high degree of mechanization; it has high processing accuracy, high efficiency, and good airtightness, so it can be used to build gas tanks, oil tanks, and transformers.

In the future, the steel structure of Prefab House should study high-strength steel to greatly increase its yield point strength; in addition, new types of steel should be rolled, such as H-shaped steel (also known as wide flange steel), T-shaped steel and profiled steel plates, etc. The needs of large-span structures and super high-rise buildings.

What are the characteristics of Prefab House?

(1) Light weight and high strength. Due to the use of steel as the load-bearing structure and new building materials as the enclosure structure, Prefab House generally uses steel structure to build residences that weigh about one-half of the weight of reinforced concrete residences, which reduces the weight of the house and reduces the cost of basic engineering. Since the building area occupied by the vertical force-bearing member is relatively small, the use area of the house can be increased. At the same time, because the steel structure residence adopts a large bay and large depth column network, it provides residents with a large space that can be flexibly separated, which can meet the different needs of users.

(2) The degree of industrialization is high and meets the requirements of industrialization. Most of the structural components of Prefab House are made in factories, which are easy to install and suitable for mass production. This has changed the traditional way of housing construction and realized the transformation from "building houses" to "manufacturing houses". Promoted the transformation of the housing industry from extensive to intensive, and at the same time promoted the development of productivity.

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