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What is the agricultural steel building?

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Agricultural steel building has low cost, short construction time, and less pollution. Therefore, it has become the best choice for new-style construction.

What are the relevant parameters of agricultural steel building?

Structural parts: material, surface roughness, tolerance, surface treatment, straightness (or radian)

Connection: hole position deviation, bolt grade; welding method, welding standard, welding material; air tightness, non-destructive testing, liquid penetration testing, etc. are required

Overall structure: verticality, horizontality, etc.

Packaging: packaging materials, packaging methods

Storage: ambient temperature, ambient humidity

Transportation: loading and unloading, placing in vehicles, placing in containers, etc.

What technologies are used in agricultural steel building?

Fire protection technology. One of the most critical issues in agricultural steel building is the application of fire protection technology. The fire resistance rating of light steel structure houses is level 4. For light steel structure residential buildings, fire-resistant gypsum boards are pasted on both sides of the wall and the ceiling of the floor. For ordinary firewalls and household walls, 25.4 mm thick (1 inch) gypsum boards are used to protect them to meet the 1-hour fire protection requirement. The glass fiber filled between the wall columns and the floor joists also plays an active role in protecting fire and heat transfer.

Sound insulation technology. The agricultural steel building is filled with glass wool between the inner and outer walls and the floor joists, which effectively prevents the audio part transmitted through the air. For the impact sound transmitted through the solid, the following construction is performed: the partition wall is composed of two wall columns. There are two walls with intermediate spaces; for the small keel used to fix the gypsum board for the suspended ceiling, an elastic structure with small cut grooves is used to effectively reduce the transmission of structure-borne sound between floors.

What should be taken into account when using agricultural steel building?

If an agricultural steel building is damaged, we must immediately recognise and remedy the problem. The main factors of steel structural damage are:

(1) the structural viability of agricultural steel buildings is insufficient due to changes in load, overdue service and changes in rules and regulations;

2) The components of agricultural steelworks are deformed, twisted, damaged, deformed, etc., due to various accidents; which results in a weakening of the cross-section of the component, a twisting of the rod and a tearing of the connection;

(3) deformation, cracking and retardation of agricultural steel components or connections due to temperature differences;

4) The agricultural steel structure corrodes due to the erosion of chemical substances and electrochemical corrosion leads to a weakening of the cross-section of the steel structure;

5) Other include errors in design, production, construction and illegal use and operation during the service period.

There are three main technical reinforcement measures for agricultural steel construction:

1) Cross-section defences: Apply the element locally or over the entire length of the element with steel and connect it to a whole to carry the force together;

2) Change the calculation diagram: add additional supports, adjust load distribution, reduce cutting force level, force displacement of static indefinite structural support and reduce peak voltage;

3) Pre-tensioned cable method: use high-strength cables to strengthen the weak links of the structure or to improve the overall durability, stiffness and stability of the structure.

Qingdao Xinguangzheng Steel Structure Co., Ltd. has been developing agricultural steel buildings for many years, and is known as "the national brand leader in the Chinesesteel building industry". Therefore, customers can choose their products with confidence.

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