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What do you know about the residential steel building?

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Residential steel building is a residential system composed of an envelope structure and a steel supporting structure. It is a new type of energy-saving and land-saving residential system. Its steel structure residence abandoned solid clay bricks and effectively used land resources. Compared with traditional houses, steel structure houses have advantages in terms of use function, design, construction and comprehensive economy.

  • What are the reasons why people choose Residential steel building?

  • What should the choice of Residential steel building structural system look like?

  • What is the framework system used by Residential steel building?

What are the reasons why people choose residential steel building?

1. Residential steel building energy saving and environmental protection

The main body of the Residential steel building is steel components, and the wall material is thermal insulation mortar, which not only meets the requirements for energy saving, but also can be recycled. It is a green and environmentally friendly recycling building that meets the requirements of sustainable development. The thermal resistance can reach a brick wall thickness of about 1m. At present, the global population is large and energy consumption is large, and the promotion and application of steel structure housing is the final choice.

2. Residential steel building's pipe network line layout is convenient

In residential buildings, there are many lines of professional plumbing and electricity pipe network, which will reduce the effective use area in traditional buildings. In residential steel building, there are many holes or holes in beams and columns, which is easy to form a cavity for wiring layout. Moreover, the beam can be artificially made into a honeycomb shape, which is convenient for line layout, which not only saves the net height of the building, but also increases the use area.

What should the choice of Residential steel building structural system look like?

According to engineering practice, the commonly used Residential steel building structure system can be selected with reference to the following scope:

The 4th to 6th floors are the steel frame system, the steel frame-support system, and the steel frame-shear wall system; the 7th to 12th floors are the steel frame-concrete core tube (shear wall) system.

The section form of steel components should be hot-rolled H-section steel, high-frequency welded H-section steel and steel tube concrete.

What is the framework system used by residential steel building?

Light steel frame system

The light steel frame system is a load-bearing frame composed of hot-rolled H-shaped steel (or I-beam), high-frequency welded H-shaped and cold-formed square pipes, and a steel structure residence with composite curtain walls or infill walls as the enclosure structure system.

The wall panels in the picture collection are made in the factory with fly ash as the filler, sulfoaluminate as the cement, polystyrene foam (EPS) as the core material, and glass fiber mesh as the reinforcement material. A lightweight board. Special adhesive is used to bond the plate and the light steel frame, and between the plate and the plate. To prevent thermal bridges using double-layer plates.

Qingdao Xinguangzheng Steel Structure Co., Ltd., as a leading company in China's residential steel building, has committed to providing the most suitable residential steel building at a reasonable price, and whatever it takes to satisfy the customer's needs.

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