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What do you know about the commercial steel building?

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Commercial steel building is a new type of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly building system. It is known as one of the "green buildings" in the 21st century. It is an energy-saving, environmentally-friendly, and recyclable building structure.

What is the installation and welding process of commercial steel building?

The general sequence of commercial steel building welding is: pre welding inspection → preheating and derusting → installation and welding of base plate and arc striking plate → welding → inspection

1. Before commercial steel building welding, check the groove angle, blunt edge, gap and staggered joint, and remove the rust, oil stain and iron oxide scale in and on both sides of the groove.

2. Preheating. Before commercial steel building welding, gas welding or special baking gun shall be used to heat the groove and the base metal within 100mm on both sides evenly, and the surface thermometer shall be used to measure the temperature to prevent the temperature from meeting the requirements or local oxidation on the surface and preheating temperature.

3. Recheck the preheating temperature. If the temperature is not enough, reheat it to make it meet the requirements.

4. When assembling and welding the backing plate and arc striking plate, the surface cleanliness shall be the same as that of the groove surface, the backing plate shall be close to the base metal, and the arc striking plate shall be firmly welded with the base metal.

What should be paid attention to during the installation and welding of commercial steel building?

1. Welding: the weld bead of the first layer shall seal the connection between the base metal and the backing plate in the groove, and then weld layer by layer until the groove is filled. After each weld is welded, the welding slag and spatter must be removed, and the welding defects shall be ground away and repaired in time.

2. An interface must be welded continuously. If it is necessary to stop welding halfway, it shall be subject to thermal insulation and slow cooling treatment, and shall be heated again according to the regulations before re welding.

3. In case of rain and snow, commercial steel building shall stop welding. There shall be a wind shield and canopy around and above the welded junction of components. When the wind speed is greater than 5m / s, the welding shall be stopped. When the ambient temperature is lower than zero, preheating and post heating measures shall be taken for construction according to regulations.

4. Carbon structural steel shall be subject to weld flaw detection after the weld is cooled to ambient temperature, and low alloy structural steel shall be subject to weld flaw detection 24 hours after completion.

5. Welders and inspectors of commercial steel building shall carefully fill in the operation record form.

What should I pay attention to when purchasing commercial steel building?

When purchasing commercial steel building, we should pay attention to the design of waterproof, heat-insulating and anti-corrosion of the steel structure. The design documents did not specify the steel derusting grade and paint and coating thickness, and did not adopt corresponding measures according to the different fire resistance limits of different parts. commercial steel building of thermal insulation protection measures needs to be avoided.

Commercial steel building has focused on the development and production of commercial steel buildings for several years. And it commits to provide perfect service for every customer from all over the world.

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