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What do you know about agricultural steel building?

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Agricultural steel building is a construction of steel materials and is one of the main types of construction. The structure consists mainly of steel bearings, steel columns, steel works and other components made of profile steel and steel plates and uses silanisation, pure manganese phosphation, washing and drying, galvanising and other rust and rust protection methods.

  • What is agricultural steel building?

  • What are the characteristics of people who opt for agricultural steel building?

  • What are the benefits of people opting for agricultural steel building?

What is agricultural steel building?

The agricultural steel building is characterized by high strength, low weight, good overall stiffness and high deformation resistance. It is therefore particularly suitable for the construction of large-scale and ultra-high agricultural buildings; The material has a good homogeneity and isotrope, which is ideal for elasticity. The structure most closely corresponds to the basic assumptions of general technical mechanics; the material has good plasticity and toughness, can exhibit large deformations and can withstand dynamic loads well; construction time is short; the agricultural steel industry has a high degree of industrialisation and can be specialised in agricultural production.

What are the characteristics of people who opt for agricultural steel building?

1. agricultural steel building has good sealing performance

Since the welding design can be completely sealed, it can be air and water-tight to high pressure containers, large oil reservoirs, pressure pipes, etc. to be processed.

2. agricultural steel building is heat resistant and non-fire resistant

If the temperature is below 150oC, the properties of the steel change slightly. The steel structure is therefore suitable for hot workshops, but if the surface is exposed to heat radiation of approximately 150, it should be protected by a thermal insulation plate. If the temperature is between 300-C and 400-C, the strength and elasticity module of the steel material decreases significantly, and if the temperature is approximately 600-oC, the strength of the steel material is zero. In buildings with special fire protection requirements, the steel structure must be protected by refractory materials to improve fire resistance.

3. agricultural steel building has poor corrosion resistance

Especially in the vicinity of moist and corrosive media, it rust easily. In general, steel structures must be rusted, galvanized or painted and regularly maintained. Specific measures such as zinc-blockanode protection are required for offshore platform construction in seawater to protect corrosion.

4.The demolition of agricultural steelworks is not subject to any building protection and the steel can be recycled and reused.

What are the benefits of people opting for agricultural steel building?

The grid structure of the agricultural steel building has an adequate load, a high stiffness, a low weight, individual rods and a comfortable production and installation. In recent years, it has often been used in public and industrial buildings with large stretches and large columns. In the construction of agricultural steel buildings there are stainless steel sandwich plates, profile plates, lighting materials and other roof materials. It can be used not only for roof constructions, but also for floors, walls and special constructions.

Agricultural steel production plays an essential role in the current industrial production process. Qingdao Xinguangzheng Steel Structure Co., Ltd. has undertaken to offer the most suitable agricultural steel buildings at a reasonable price.

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