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Steel structure feed workshop

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Steel structure feed workshop is a feed production plant built using steel structure technology, usually composed of steel structure beams, columns, roofs, walls, doors and windows, etc. Its main characteristics are high wind and seismic resistance, fast construction speed, high building quality, and good fire and corrosion resistance.

The design of a steel structure feed workshop needs to consider the production process and equipment configuration to meet production needs as much as possible. Generally speaking, feed factories need to include production lines for raw material storage, cleaning, crushing, mixing, forming, packaging, etc., and also need to be equipped with corresponding conveying equipment, dust removal equipment, ventilation equipment, etc. The roof and walls of the steel structure feed workshop are made of materials with good waterproof, fireproof, and thermal insulation properties, such as sandwich panels, fiberglass, etc. At the same time, ventilation and lighting inside the factory should be considered. The selection of doors and windows should be based on the usage environment and safety requirements.

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