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Steel structure fabrication process

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Step 1: Cutting

Cut steel plate into pieces and connections by flame cutting machines (CNC, Semi-automatic flame cutting machines). Long strips will be used as web and flange plate, connections will be used as connected, reinforced or stiffening plate.


Step 2: Assembly

Combine web and flange plate together through H-beams assembly machine, make tack welding. Keep the web plate in the middle line, do not be off the center line.


Step 3: Gantry automatic submerged arc welding

Make welding by gantry submerged arc welding machine. Make sure the welding sequence and reduce the welding deformation.


Step 4: Flange plate of straightening

Start straightening on welding-finished H steel beams by straightening machine.


Step 5: Connections process

Make holes on connected pieces by drilling machines. Make sure the hole size and precision.




Step 6: Welding

Welding with CO2. Make sure the weld quality without welding flaw.



Step 7: Shot blasting

Make shot blasting on steel profiles. Make sure the blasting grade and quality.


Step 8: Spray painting

Painting or other anti-corrosion surface treatment.


Step 9: Package & Loading

Pack steel structure profiles on steel pallet, which will be easy for loading, transportation and unloading jobs.


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