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Steel Structure Factory Workshop Budilding In Argentina

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Project address: Argentina

Area: 5930m2

Time: 2009

Introduction: the project covers a total area of 5930 square meters, with three attached spans in the main workshop and eight two ton cranes. The construction started in October 2009, and the project site is not suitable for canuelas in North Aires, Argentina. It took more than two months to complete, and the project is in good condition at present.


We supply designing, manufacturing and installationabout the whole steel structure workshop building project.


Detail Information

Roof with a single layer of galvanized steel plate sea blue crown Island, its structure and technical requirements are as follows:

1.V820 type 0.50mm thick galvanized roof panel (sea blue) crown Island

2.75mm thick glass wool with aluminum foil

3.200 * 200 coated steel mesh

4.Q235B C-type steel roof purlin

5.Q345B steel beam 


1.YX-840 plate type 0.40mm thick galvanized wall panel white gray crown Island

2.Q235B C steel wall purlins

3.Q345B steel column

Paint coating:

1. Shot blasting, rust level Sa2.5

2. In the gray anti-corrosion primer two, each 30 um


1. Roof panel - sea blue

2. Wall panel - white gray

3. Steel components - medium gray  

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