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Prefabricated Steel Structure Building Office in Solomon

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Project Introduction:

Solomon office project is a two-story frame structure, with a building area of more than 1500 square meters. The first floor is maintained as aluminum-plastic plate curtain wall and part of glass curtain wall, the second floor is maintained as glass curtain wall, the roof is glass wool composite plate, and the parapet part is aluminum-plastic plate.


Personnel involved in design and construction refinement: Liu Kangning, Jing Yanyan

Total project amount: 2.94 million


Detailed address: Honiara, Solomon Islands

The following project related parameters:

Area: 1500 square meters

Eave height: 7M

Ridge height: 8M

Number of floors: two

Wind speed: 176km / h

Load: second floor load: 450kg / m2, roof: 30kg / m2

Shapes: Framing

Steel consumption: 90 tons

Purpose: Salomon Telekom office and warehouse



Detail of Prefabricated Steel Structure Building Office in Solomon


Main Characters of prefab steel warehouse

· Super Aseismatic

Most part of the structure will be consisted of cold formed steel members, this system aseismatic grade can reachto 8.

· Wind Resistance

Steel structure building has the performance of high strength, solid rigidity and good deformation capacity, can resist strong wind for 50m/s.


The steel material will be painted or galvanized as customers' requirement to be more anticorrosion and rustproof, the lifespan of the structure can be reach to 50~70 years.

·Heat Insulation

Sandwich panel can improve the insulation performance of the building, effectively avoid the phenomenon of "cold bridge" wall

·Environment Protection

Little waste for pollution in construction, 100% steel structure materials can be recycled, most of other related materials also can be recycled.

·Easy and Fast Build

Dry construction, will not influenced by the weather and environment, save much time and labor cost. One 300m2 steel structure building, can be finished in 30 days by only 5 workers.

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