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How to build a five floor building in shortest period?

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Project information

15 seconds to show you the speed of XGZ Prefabricated building           

Total Building Area 3578.38

200 Steel Columns          

55 Integrated Floor Slab          

Main Construction Completed in 15 days.


Assembly new office building is a comprehensive project. Since the construction, through the development of detailed construction plan, it took only 4 months to complete the various links from the old Office demolition, civil construction, five floor platform assembly, curtain wall and maintenance plate installation, water supply and drainage circuit construction, elevator air conditioning installation and office building decoration, especially the five floor framework assembly link and decoration link which have exceeded the normal construction period On the basis of that, a breakthrough was made.

In the process of construction, all links are locked in close cooperation, construction and installation speed is fast, safety and quality are guaranteed, and a large number of assembly building installation technical details and practical experience have been accumulated.


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