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How much do you know about the residential steel building?

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As the strategic decision to develop energy-saving and land-saving housing and construct a conservation-oriented society is further deepened and housing industrialization has become a new growth point for the world’s economic development, the development of residential steel building will be the only way for housing industrialization.

What are the advantages of residential steel building?

1. Residential steel building's structural system is diversified

Many structural systems that can be used for steel structure residences have been developed, steel frame structure, steel frame-support structure, frame-tube structure (steel frame, concrete internal simplified), frame-shear wall structure (shear wall can be steel plate, concrete or concrete with built-in steel support), light steel structure and staggered truss structure system can all be used as the structural selection of residential steel building.

2. The project cost of residential steel building is slightly higher than that of concrete or equivalent

The cost of steel structure material is higher than that of concrete, but its construction period is short, the use area is large, and the number of floors can be increased under the same conditions. The project cost of residential steel building is slightly higher or equivalent to concrete, and the actual economic benefits are significant, making residential steel building It has become the first choice for high quality and low price, and the best choice for replacing masonry structure houses in the future.

What is the future development trend of residential steel building?

Residential steel building has a high technological content. The structure itself is often the architectural expression. The performance and craftsmanship of the steel structure is not only a necessary means to realize the image conception, but also has a significant impact on the architectural image, which determines that the structural conception is the success of the image conception. The key is whether or not. The progress of science and technology and the change of aesthetics will inevitably make steel structure buildings continue to expand their expression vocabulary and seek development. residential steel building sets aside the elements of style, starts from structural rationalism, and absorbs the essence from modern and traditional styles. In the future, it will be possible to create high-quality steel structure buildings with organic integration of technology and art.

What are the design considerations of residential steel building?

The residential steel building of the design structure and the stability calculation of components must cooperate with each other to make them consistent. The consistency between structural calculation and structural design has always been a problem that everyone pays attention to in structural design. For the joint connection requiring to transfer bending moment and not, sufficient stiffness and flexibility shall be given to it respectively, and the eccentricity of members shall be minimized for frame joints, which are often considered by designers when dealing with structural details. 

However, when it comes to stability, there are often structural requirements or special considerations different from strength. For example, in terms of flexural strength of simply supported beams, the requirement for fixed hinge support is only to prevent displacement and allow rotation in the plane. However, the above requirements are not enough when dealing with the overall stability of the beam. The support shall also be able to prevent the beam from twisting around the longitudinal axis, and allow the beam to rotate in the horizontal plane and the beam end section to warp freely, so as to meet the boundary conditions adopted for stability analysis.

Qingdao Xinguangzheng Steel Structure Co., Ltd. has been committed to providing customers with residential steel buildings and perfect after-sales service so that customers can invest easily, use them with confidence, and have no worries.

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