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How much do you know about the Commercial steel building?

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The light steel structure of commercial steel building is a structure composed of steel materials, and each component or part is connected by welding, bolts or rivets.

What are the main production processes of commercial steel building?

commercial steel building is mainly used for low-rise or multi-storey buildings: the prefabricated wall panels are transported to the construction site by special vehicles, hoisted by cranes, connected with the foundation by anchor bolts and connectors, and the wall panels are connected by screws and connectors, and then the light steel floor is installed. The light steel floor is composed of floor beams, profiled steel plates Steel wire mesh and concrete. The construction of the main structure can be completed by constructing the upper floor according to the construction method of one floor and finally installing the roof. The system is applicable to buildings with 6 floors and below. It has the advantages of high assembly rate, short construction cycle, earthquake resistance and typhoon resistance, thermal insulation, large use area in the sleeve, no exposed beams and columns, and recyclable materials.

What are the architectural advantages of commercial steel building?

1. The construction period is short. The construction period of commercial steel building can be shortened by more than 50%;

2. The project quality is stable. The quality of parts and components produced in commercial steel building factory is more stable, which solves many common quality problems of on-site construction technology and human errors in on-site construction, and ensures the project quality;

3. Energy saving and environmental protection, less construction pollution. commercial steel building adopts energy-saving technology, which greatly improves the performance of house thermal insulation and sound insulation, and improves the living comfort of the building. According to statistics, the prefabricated construction method can save about 50% water, 70% wood and 70% construction waste;

4. Integrated decoration, which is carried out simultaneously with architecture, structure and electromechanical design. commercial steel building completes the pre functional conditions, pipeline installation, wall decoration and component installation in place at one time, which not only ensures the decoration quality, but also avoids the repeated waste and secondary pollution of secondary decoration.

What are the production precautions for commercial steel building?

1. Variability

The construction quality problems of commercial steel building will continue to evolve and change with external changes and the extension of time, and quality defects will gradually manifest. For example, the welds of steel components cause cracks in the welds that did not originally have cracks due to changes in stress: delayed cracks can occur due to the activity of hydrogen in the welds after welding. In addition, if the component is subjected to long-term overload, the steel component will be bent and deformed under the arch, which will cause hidden dangers.

2. Frequent

When faced with the relatively unfamiliar construction and construction techniques of steel structures, managers and technicians engaged in construction must be very careful and trained before they can take up their posts.

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