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Different thermal insulation materials for steel structure buildings

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Color steel insulation sandwich panel is the basic materials for steel structure buildings, which is suitable for steel structure industrial plant. It is composed of two layers of formed metal panel and directly foaming, curing molding polymer heat insulation inner core. Color steel insulation sandwich panel commonly used insulation materials are: glass wool, polystyrene(EPS), polyurethane(PU), Rock wool and other insulation materials.

Then, what's the difference between these three insulation materials?

1) Glass wool sandwich panel. Glass wool is a good inorganic thermal insulation material, glass wool is obviously characterized by good fire resistance, flame retardant and moisture absorption, and its price is cheap. The thermal conductivity of the glass wool sandwich board is not greater than 0.038 W/(m2•K).


2) Polystyrene (EPS) sandwich panel. Polystyrene is a polystyrene resin as the main raw material, through the foaming agent foaming and made of internal with numerous closed micropores. Its insulation effect is good, the price is cheap, the strength is slightly poor. Polystyrene (EPS) sandwich board, thermal conductivity is not greater than 0.038W/(m2•K).


3) Polyurethane(PU)sandwich panel. The thermal conductivity of polyurethane sandwich board is no more than 0.033 W/(m2•K), with good thermal insulation performance, good water resistance, good thermal insulation effect, high strength, foam can be made into any shape, suitable for site construction, but the price is expensive.

PU Sandwich panel

To meet different thermal insulation requirements, consider the thermal conductivity of the steel structure material and the thickness of the insulation layer. The thermal conductivity of commonly used steel structure insulation materials is as follows: polyurethane foam> polystyrene foam >glass wool > rock wool.

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