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Angola Steel Structure Building World Mondu Da Casa Shopping Center

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The full name of MDC is"MONDU DA CASA (home world)", which is constructed by Qingdao Xinguang Zheng Steel Structure Co., Ltd. This is a comprehensive shopping center centering on the theme of "happy home". This theme is the same as the enterprise mission of "benefiting the society, achieving employees and making customers happier". In addition to "home world", she has another interpretation of "modern decoration Center".

MDC is located in KIKUXI section of Luanda expressway, surrounded by Angola national stadium, high-end residential villa area, Brazil nursery garden, and Luanda commercial pedestrian street under planning, with superior geographical environment and convenient transportation.

"MDC home world" shopping center covers an area of about 30000 square meters. Relying on the global procurement network, it has gathered kipor generator 4S shop, furniture store, building materials store, home furnishing store and home appliance store. The categories include building materials pipe fittings, wood, floor tiles, paint and coating, decorative lamps, kitchen and bathroom equipment, hardware tools, electrical and electrical materials, gardening supplies, cloth furniture, home appliances, etc., and also auxiliary It is one of the most comprehensive "one-stop purchasing" centers for home furnishings in Luanda with public service facilities such as business office, catering, leisure and entertainment, bank, etc.

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