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Steel Structure Construction Workshop Building Shed Garage

Steel shed garageis a new type of lightsteel structure buildingsystem formed from a mainsteel frameworkcomprised of H section, Z section and U section steel components, the roof and walls utilizing a variety of panels and other components such as windows, doors, and cranes.


1.Specification of Steel Shed Garage

Main Steel Frame Colum Q235,Q345 Welded H Section Steel
  Beam Q235,Q345 Welded H Section Steel
Secondary Frame     Purlin Q235 C and Z purlin
Knee brace Q235 Angle Steel
Tie Rod Q235 Circular Steel Pipe
Brace Q235 Round Bar
Vertical and Horizontal Support Q235 Angle Steel, Round Bar or Steel Pipe
Maintenance System Roof  System Roof Panel (EPS/Fiber Glass Wool/Rock Wool/PU Sandwich Panel or Steel Sheet Cover) and Accessories
  Wall System Wall Panel (Sandwich Panel or Corrugated Steel Sheet
Window System Aluminum Alloy Window/ PVC Window/Skylight
Door System Sliding Sandwich Panel Door/Rolling Metal Door/PVC Door
Others PVC Rain spout,Gutter etc
Wind Resistance Grace 12 Grades
Earthquake-resistance 8 Grades
Structure life span Up to 50 years
Temperature Suitable temperature -50℃~+50℃
Certification CE, SGS, ISO9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015
Finishing Options Vast array of colors and textures available
Paint Options Alkyd painting, primary painting, two finish painting(gray paint, red paint, white paint, epoxy zinc etc.) or Galvanized.

2.Product feature and application for Steel Shed Garage
a.Fast assembled steel construction, easy installation, quickly finished.high strength, stable..
b. It can be recycled.environmental protection, maintenance earthquake, water proofing, energy conserving.
c. It can be workshop and customize design
d. Steel structure construction is light weight, high strength, large span and can improve higher space efficiency.;
c. H section is welded by automatic streamline at the plant, is connected at site by high strength bolts.
3.Product details of Steel Shed Garage

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4.Product Qualifications of Steel Shed Garage

5.Delivery, shipping and service for Steel Shed Garage
Shipped in 30 days after drawing confirmed, packed with steel pallets and loading into shipping container.
6.FAQ for design and quotation
Our excellent design team will design the Steel Shed Garage for you. If you give the following information
a. Location (where will be built? ) _____country, area
b. Size: Length*width*height _____mm*_____mm*_____mm
c. wind load (max. Wind speed) _____kn/m2, _____km/h, _____m/s
d. snow load (max. Snow height)_____kn/m2, _____mm
e. anti-earthquake _____level
f. brick wall needed or not If yes, 1.2m high or 1.5m high
g. thermal insulation If yes, EPS, fiberglass wool, rock wool, PU sandwich panels will be suggested; If not, the metal steel sheets will be OK. The cost of the latter will be much lower than that of the former.
h. door quantity & size _____units, _____(width)mm*_____(height)mm
i. window quantity & size _____units, _____(width)mm*_____(height)mm
j crane needed or not If yes, _____units, max. Lifting weight____tons; Max. Lifting height _____m