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Color Galvanized Light Steel Building Steel Sandwich Panel Roof Wall


1. Production introduction of Color Galvanized Light steel building steel sandwich panel roof wall

Sandwich panels, also known as composite panels or structural insulating panels, are a type of building material consisting of three layers: two rigid face sheets and a lightweight, insulating core material between them. These panels are widely used in the construction industry for various applications due to their versatility, strength, and insulation properties. Here are the key components and features of sandwich panels:

(1)Face Sheets:

Outer Face Sheet: This is the exterior layer of the sandwich panel, facing the external environment. It is typically made of materials such as galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless steel, or fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP). The choice of material depends on factors like durability, weather resistance, and aesthetic preferences.

Inner Face Sheet: The inner face sheet forms the interior surface of the panel. Similar to the outer face sheet, it can be made of various materials, including metal, plywood, or other rigid materials.

(2)Core Material:

The core material is the central layer that provides insulation and structural support to the panel. The core is typically made of lightweight materials to enhance the overall strength-to-weight ratio of the panel.

Common core materials include expanded polystyrene (EPS), polyurethane (PU), polyisocyanurate (PIR), mineral wool, and extruded polystyrene (XPS). Each material has specific thermal and structural properties.

(3)Panel Types:

Wall Panels: Used for external and internal walls of buildings. They provide insulation and contribute to the building's overall energy efficiency.

Roof Panels: Designed for roofing applications, these panels offer thermal insulation and weather protection. They are often used in industrial and commercial buildings.

Floor Panels: Suitable for flooring applications in buildings where thermal insulation and load-bearing capacity are important.

(4)Advantages of Sandwich Panels:

Insulation: The core material provides excellent thermal insulation, helping to regulate indoor temperatures and reduce energy consumption.

Strength: Sandwich panels offer high strength and rigidity while being relatively lightweight. This makes them suitable for various construction applications.

Speed of Construction: The prefabricated nature of sandwich panels allows for faster construction compared to traditional building methods.

Cost-Effective: Sandwich panels can be cost-effective due to reduced construction time, lower labor costs, and energy efficiency benefits.


Industrial Buildings: Sandwich panels are commonly used for constructing warehouses, factories, and other industrial facilities.

Commercial Buildings: They are suitable for office buildings, retail spaces, and other commercial structures.

Cold Storage: The insulation properties of sandwich panels make them ideal for cold storage facilities.

Residential Construction: In some cases, sandwich panels may be used in residential construction for specific applications.


Core Material

EPS/Glass wool/Rock wool/PU

Thickness of Top/bottom Steel Sheet


Thickness of Sandwich Panel

50/75/100 mm

Effective Width

Roofing panel: 960mm
Wall Panel: 950mm



Zinc Coating





Regular color : red/blue/white

special color: as RAL color or customized


Public buildings, walls of industrial plants, cleaning plants, and combination of cold storage, building added floor, commercial kiosks.


Fireproof, waterproof, flame retardant,heat preservation,

corrosion resistance,  easy to install, high strength,Energy conservation, environmental protection, heat insulting, good structure.

2. Product details of Color Galvanized Light steel building steel sandwich panel roof wall

steel sandwich panelsandwich panel

sandwich roof

3. Product Qualifications of Color Galvanized Light steel building steel sandwich panel roof wall

qingdao xinguangzheng

4. Delivery, shipping and service for Color Galvanized Light steel building steel sandwich panel roof wall

Generally, the delivery time of sandwich panel is within 7 days; and 30 days for prefabricated house. The exact delivery time should depend on the quantity and confirm with factories.

5. FAQ for design and quotation
a. What is steel prefabricated house mean and made of?
RE: Steel prefabricated houses are made of high grade painted steel frame/structure as strong  skeleton and lined with sandwich panel as wall and roof, these are pre-designed and manufatured in the factory and later assembled on site.

b. Is it safe and can suit to any kind of stringent weather conditions?
RE: Our houses could resistant earthquake, wind, snow, etc.

c. Can you supply design service?
RE: Yes.also supply design service.

d. What is the payment terms?
RE: a) T/T 30% deposit,70% balance before shipment.
b) L/C


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