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Steel Construction Sheet Color Coated Sheet

Color steel sheets, also known as color coated steel sheets or color-coated metal sheets, are steel sheets that have been coated with a layer of protective and decorative paint. This coating not only adds aesthetic appeal but also provides additional protection against corrosion and harsh weather conditions. Color steel sheets are commonly used in the construction of buildings, roofing, and various other applications where a durable and attractive finish is desired.

1. Production introduction of Steel Construction Sheet Color Coated Sheet

Color Coated Steel Sheet



Raw Material

Color coated steel coil/Galvanized steel coil/Galvalume steel coil




Hot Rolled/Cold Rolled

Surface Technique

Color coated or Galvanized coated



Effective Width


Feeding Width



as your request(usually less than 11.8m)

Zinc Coating


Top color coating thickness


Back color coating thickness



regular color :red/blue/white

special color:as RAL color


Factory/building/villa/machine structure parts


weather proof/Anti rust/Fire proof/Heating insulation/
Long life span: more than 20 years


Kraft paper and iron sheet packing (standard export packing)


T/T or L/C;

2. Product details of Steel Construction Sheet Color Coated Sheet

steel sheetsteel roofsteel wallPPGIgalvanized steel sheetcolor coated sheet

3. Product Qualifications of  Steel Construction Sheet Color Coated Sheet


4. Delivery, shipping and service for Steel Construction Sheet Color Coated Sheet

Generally, the delivery time of sandwich panel is within 7 days; and 30 days for prefabricated house. The exact delivery time should depend on the quantity and confirm with factories.

5.FAQ for design and quotation

(1) Base Material: The base material of color steel sheets is typically cold-rolled steel or galvanized steel. Cold-rolled steel is processed at room temperature, resulting in a smoother and more consistent surface. Galvanized steel has a layer of zinc coating, providing additional corrosion resistance.

(2) Coating Layers: Color steel sheets have multiple layers of coating to provide protection and color. The coating process usually involves applying a primer, a base coat, a decorative color coat, and a protective clear topcoat. These coatings can be made of various materials, such as polyester, polyurethane, or fluorocarbon.

(3) Color Options: One of the primary advantages of color steel sheets is the availability of a wide range of colors and finishes. This allows for customization to match architectural and design requirements. Common colors include standard shades, metallic finishes, and special textures.

(4) Corrosion Resistance: The combination of the base metal and the protective coating makes color steel sheets resistant to corrosion. This is especially important in outdoor applications, such as roofing, where exposure to the elements can lead to rust and degradation over time.

(5) Durability: Color steel sheets are known for their durability and longevity. The protective coatings help prevent damage from UV radiation, weathering, and pollutants, ensuring that the color and integrity of the sheet are maintained over an extended period.

(6) Application: Color steel sheets find applications in various construction projects, including roofing, wall cladding, and the manufacturing of prefabricated buildings. They are also used for doors, garage doors, and other architectural elements.

(7) Easy Installation: Color steel sheets are designed for easy installation. They often come in standardized sizes and can be cut to fit specific dimensions. The lightweight nature of these sheets makes them convenient for handling and transport.

(8) Maintenance: The low maintenance requirements of color steel sheets make them an attractive choice for building exteriors. Regular cleaning and inspection are usually sufficient to keep the surface in good condition.


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