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Prefabricated Building Steel Structure Office

Our steel office buildings integrate modern architectural design and advanced engineering technology to provide enterprises with an efficient and comfortable office environment. With simple and fashionable appearance and flexible space design, we can meet the diversified office needs of your enterprise.


Product features:

1.Flexible space use:The steel structure office building adopts a flexible design concept and can be customized according to the needs of enterprises to achieve the maximum utilization and flexible configuration of office space.

2.High quality building materials:We use high-quality steel and environmentally friendly materials to ensure that the office structure is stable and durable, and provide a safe and reliable office environment for enterprises.

3.Energy saving and environmental protection:Adopt energy-saving design and green building technology to reduce energy consumption, reduce operating costs of enterprises, and contribute to environmental protection.

4.Intelligent facilities:Intelligent management system is introduced to realize intelligent monitoring and management of office building facilities, improve office efficiency and enhance staff work experience.

5.Comfortable office environment:The spacious and bright office space design, combined with advanced ventilation, lighting and sound insulation technology, provides a comfortable working environment for employees.

  • Brand name

    steel structure office


    1.Single slope, Double slope, Multi-slope.

    2.Single span, Double-span, Multi-span, Single floor, Double floors.

    Column and beam

    1.Material Q345(S355JR)or Q235(S235JR) steel.

    2.All bolts connecting.

    3.Straight cross-section or Variable cross-section.


    Hot-dip galvanized or painted.

    Roof and wall panel

    1.EPS ,PU ,Rock wool sandwich panel.

    2.Single colorful corrugated steel sheet0.326~0.6mm thick, YX28-205-820(820mm wide).

    3.Sandwich panel with EPS, ROCK WOOL, PU etc insulation thicknessaround 50mm~150mm, 950mm or 960mm width.


    X or V as well as other type bracing made from angle, round pipe etc.


    Semi-transparent skylight belts, Ventilators, down pipe, outer gutter etc.


    PVC or Aluminum Alloy.

    C or Z purlin

    Size from C120~C320, Z100~Z200.


    Sliding or Rolling up door.

    Carrying capacity

    1.Resisting winds and seismic impacts.

    2.Bearing heavy snows.


    1.Making the design and quotation according to your requirements very soon.

    2.Making the quotation according to your drawings.

    3.Giving you the satisfying opinion to your projects


    ISO9001:2008,AWS certified welder passport,SGS,BV.

Prefabricated Building

Why choose us:

1.Professional team: We have a professional team, with rich experience in office design and construction, to provide you with professional services and solutions.

2.Innovative design: We always pay attention to the industry's cutting-edge technology and design trends, and constantly innovate to provide customers with the latest and best quality office products.

3.Customer first: We take customer satisfaction as the primary goal, and provide customers with customized and personalized services to help enterprises achieve their development goals.

4.Full service: We provide full one-stop service, from planning and design to construction delivery, to provide customers with a full range of support and services.

Steel StructureQingdao-Xinguangzheng-Sino-Building-Co-Ltd

3. Product Qualifications of Professional Structure Steel Fabrication Manufacturer for Industrial Zone


4. Delivery, shipping and service for Structure Steel Fabrication
a. Shipped in 30 days after drawing confirmed, packed with steel pallets and loading into shipping container.
b. We reply each inquiry within 24 hours
c. Develop and make new parts according to customers' requirements and detailed information.
d. Provide service of designing, engineering, manufacturing and installation.
e. Our expert technicians can help you to assemble the project at site.
f. If you need ,we can provide you guide construction installation abroad for  modern design aircraft steel hangar. We have a professional installation team.


5. Company Information:
Main products : industrial door and window, steel structure building ( including chicken farm , warehouse , workshop , hangar , garage and so on ) . prefab house , container house .
Staff : 100 engineers and 600 production workers .
Area : More than 24000 sqm .
Product Capacity : 1200 TON per mouth.

company information

6. FAQ for design and quotation

Our excellent design team will design the Structure Steel Fabrication for you. If you give the following information
a. Location (where will be built? ) _____country, area
b. Size: Length*width*height _____mm*_____mm*_____mm
c. wind load (max. Wind speed) _____kn/m2, _____km/h, _____m/s
d. snow load (max. Snow height)_____kn/m2, _____mm
e. anti-earthquake _____level
f. brick wall needed or not If yes, 1.2m high or 1.5m high
g. thermal insulation If yes, EPS, fiberglass wool, rock wool, PU sandwich panels will be suggested; If not, the metal steel sheets will be OK. The cost of the latter will be much lower than that of the former.
h. door quantity & size _____units, _____(width)mm*_____(height)mm
i. window quantity & size _____units, _____(width)mm*_____(height)mm
j crane needed or not If yes, _____units, max. Lifting weight____tons; Max. Lifting height _____m


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