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Twelve Ideologies of Qingdao Xinguangzheng Group

Twelve Ideologies of Qingdao Xinguangzheng Steel Structure Co.,ltd.


We, Qingdao Xinguangzheng Steel Structure Co.,ltd. targets to be a glorious company and the key is that we must have a grand belief. As belief is the best management solution. With belief, we can have a direction and spiritual strength to became a martial team, a steely team and a team of victory! We must believe in our essential values and our value philosophy completely, honestly and endlessly which is the sufficient condition for the success of our career.


We have and will always have grand dreams which is to become a bench marking enterprise with modernized management of global enterprises; to be the NO.1 in steel structure industrial in the world. Fulfilling the missions to improve society, success staff, satisfied customers, enterprise sustainable development.
We must improve our quality, perfect our management, prospering our company and repay our country.


We have two assets: staff and client. Our first asset is the staff who can contribute achievements to our company, so we must train more staffs of asset. Our second asset is our client. As clients are our GOD and we must esteem our clients and behave humbly towards our clients, make clients happier with great products and services.


The existance of a company is to creat value for the society, our clients, the company, our staffs and our stockholders. As only value can be exchanged, which is the law of the market economy. So our aim is to share responsibilities of the society, base ourselves on our company, centre on our team and improve ourselves, creating fortune together.


Credit is the profession base line for the existance of our company. To be a simple person and to behave attentively. To be creditable towards our staffs ad our clients, honouring what we’ve promised. Never promise or speak carelessly and never spread negatively. Be responsible for our words and behaviors. Credit is our biggest asset and precious fortune. Any behavior that damages our credit is to damage ourselves.


In the present business competitions, Xinguangzheng asks its team to stay passionate, practical, grateful and transcendent.In the present business culture, Guangzheng guides its team to have the awareness of altruism, service, value and contract. In this way, Guangzheng is to build itself an enterprise with the great habits of living and working and the quality of being dependable.
In the present day, information is shared across the world. Guangzheng is to form a result-oriented thinking mode and create achievements with love, thus establishing itself a platform to share its fruits and profits with other counterparts.
And these are the wisdom on the enterprise’s business sustainable development.


The competition among companies is not to compete who runs the fast, but who persists the longest. It’s the persistance that we compete. We can’t make big money overnight, because the market needs to cultivate, profit needs accumulation of time and ability and we don’t want to exhange our future with immediate interests. We can’t expand our scale without difficulty as our ideology of practice is to think with lofty goals and to do with practical hands. And we never thought to beat our competitors as we never consider our colleagues as competitors. We believe continuable development is the real development.


We believe numbers are the most beautiful language. Achievement is the repayment of our ability and attitude. To speak with numbers and to prove with facts. It’s an eternal law that no pain no gain. The fortune of our life comes from how much we pay out. Although choice priors effort, while without arduous efforts, the best choice makes no success. That supports the achievement is our team, that maintains our team is our culture, that fosters the culture is our mind, that develops our mind is investment.


The reason that our company can develop into a century enterprise is because we have leading culture philosophy and strong sense of brand. Brand is the most valuable fortune. And we’ll always stick to building our brand. We must never be impulsive and do no harm to our brand. To develop our brand through legal way.


Never adulterate regulations with personal emotion and never adulterate principles with personal relationship. Just execute and no argument. To obey is to execute which is our rigid request for our team discipline. And we object to report only the positive not the negtive. That the lower level is subordinate to the higher level is a kind of respect of position. To subject to movements, overall situation, commands, criticise and management is not only the discipline of army, but also a scientific ideology of management.


Our esential competitive capacity is to learn continually. The first is to learn to conduct oneself in society, the second is to learn abilities, the third is to learn to serve and the last is to learn to manage. And the way to improve continually is to learn by day, by week and by month. As there is no short cut and the only way is to learn. Stick to learn and stick to propaganda. Make learning be our belief.


Management baseline is the borderline for the behaviors unacceptable for our values. To lie, forge, defalcate, corrupt or betray our company is our management baseline. Our company doesn’t breed those behaviors and can never let those behaviors happen. We will never accept staffs with those behaviors in our company.

Post time: Jan-15-2020

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