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Xinguangzheng steel structure apartment building

Introduction of Product:

Steel structure building has a history of several decades in Europe and the United States. It develops rapidly with the advantages of good seismic resistance, environmental protection and rapid installation. After more than 20 years of steady development, xinguangzheng steel structure has continuously improved the “turnkey” ability of steel structure product project from design, construction to decoration completion, providing systematic solutions for enterprises. Take xinguangzheng apartment building as an example to show the new face of industrial enterprise apartment building.


Xinguangzheng steel structure apartment building

Project structure system:Steel structure light steel structure

Project area:270 square meters

Project size:20*13.5*16m

Project detail: The whole apartment building has 5 floors, from the foundation to the external wall insulation, including water and electricity system and decoration, are all completed by xinguangzheng steel structure, and equipped with independent energy-saving central air conditioning.

One is the staff dining room, the other is cement foam board for maintenance. The two – five story is the employee dormitory, the two outer wall maintenance material is the cement foam board, and the three to five layers of external wall maintenance material is composite board. There are 4 suites on each floor. The bathroom and toilet of each room are independent rooms. The specific configuration is 2 rooms, 1 kitchen, 1 hall, 1 bath and 1 toilet.


Effect drawing






Installation picture



223 224 225 226

Finished project picture

331 332 333 334

Post time: Jul-27-2020

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