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Shandong Sanshandao Steel Structure Construction Gold Mining Building Project

Introduction of Shandong Sanshandao Steel Structure Construction Gold Mining Building Project :

Project Total Weight:2600 Tons
Project Duration Time: The total construction period of the contract is 150 days. Among them, 70 days for drawing change, 70 days for raw material purchasing and processing, and 80 days for on-site installation and construction.
Project Detail:
The main construction pressure of the project comes from the main power house.

The steel column of the main power house is lattice column, the column height is 39 meters, and the column base is fixed by cup mouth foundation, the buried depth is 2.2 meters, and the weight of a single steel column is about 28 tons, a total of 22. The steel beam adopts pipe truss steel beam with a span of 33 meters, 12 meters Bay, 3 There are 17.445 m and 14.26 m auxiliary spans on both sides of the 3-meter main span, and the auxiliary span is a two-story or three-story structure. There are 5-story platforms in the main span, and the steel columns of the platform are scattered and crisscross with the civil foundation.
The layout of the platform beams is irregular, and the connection with the equipment and foundation is frequent. Most of the work quantity and equipment installation and civil construction are interspersed, which increases the construction difficulty and is difficult to guarantee the construction period. The auxiliary span is multi-layer structure, with the equipment and civil engineering, the amount of work is interleaved with the auxiliary span Due to the large amount of civil engineering, the auxiliary span is required to be constructed as soon as possible, which puts forward a severe test on the construction period of steel column and platform beam installation in the main span.

Project Installation picture of Shandong Sanshandao Steel Structure Construction Gold Mining Building Project:

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Project finished picture of Shandong Sanshandao Steel Structure Construction Gold Mining Building Project:

chanping chanping1 chanping2 chanping3 chanping4 chanping5


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