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Angola Floor-rearing poultry chicken house


Picture of Floor-rearing poultry chicken house in Angola:

poultry house


1) Customized design is welcomed.

2) We have an excellent design team. According to the requirements of different projects and clients,we will supply different designs and steel products.In order to give you an exactly quotation and drawings, please let us know the following informations. We will quote for you promptly.

Basic design requirements of prefab poultry farm:





Items Specifications
Main Steel Frame Column Q235,Q345 H Section Steel
Beam Q235,Q345 H Section Steel
Secondary Frame Purlin Q235 C and Z Purlin
Knee Brace Q235 Angle Steel
Tie Rod Q235 Circular Steel Pipe
Brace Q235 Round Bar
Vertical & Horizontal support Q235 Angle Steel,Round Bar or Steel Pipe
Maintenance System Roof Panel EPS , Glass Fiber , Rock Wool , Pu Sandwich PanelCorrugated Steel Sheet
Wall Panel EPS , Glass Fiber , Rock Wool , Pu Sandwich PanelCorrugated Steel Sheet
Accessories Window Aluminum Window, Plastic Steel Window, PVC Window
Door Aluminum Door, Rolling Metal Door
Rainspout PVC
Fastener High Strengh Bolts,Normal Bolts,Chemical Bolts
Ventilation System Natural Ventilator, Exhaust Fan, Air Inlet
Live Load on Roof In 120kg Sqm (Color steel panel surrounded)
Wind Resistance Grade 12 Grades
Earthquake-Resistance 8 Grades
Structure Usage Up to 50 years
Temperature Suitable temperature -50°C~+50°C
Certification CE, SGS,ISO9001:2008,ISO14001:2004
Finishing Options Vast array of colors and textures available

Engineering Design Software:

AutoCAD,PKPM,MTS,3D3S,Tarch,Tekla Structures(Xsteel)V12.0.etc



Poultry shed/farm for broiler layer breeder chicken design

Tunnel-ventilation this style of poultry house is widely used for its convenience and low-cost.

1) Light steel structure.

2) Easy to assemble and disassemble for several times without damage.

3) The steel structure adopts hot-dip galvanized steel.

4) The product not only has advantages of rust protection, acid resistance, good insulation performance, but also neat and artistic. What’s more, the steel structure is also famous for its conformation with the principles of physics, easy structure, high efficiency, lower cost, great flexibility, fire and wind protection, lighting and shock protection.






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