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Argentina Light Weight Steel Industrial Workshop Steel Structure Construction

Project address: notus Aires, Argentina
Area: 5930m2
Time: 2009
Brief introduction;
The project covers a total area of 5930 square meters, with three attached spans in the main workshop and eight two ton cranes. The construction started in October 2009, and the project site is not suitable for canuelas in North Aires, Argentina. It took more than two months to complete, and the project is in good condition at present.



The Advantage of Steel Structure

1.The tensile strength of steel is much more times greater than concrete.
2. Steel is also ductile in nature.
3. Steel has also the high strength to weight ratio as compared to concrete.
4. Steel structures are also preferred when time span is small. Construction rate is very fast.
5. Steel bars are also reusable. 
6. Steel structures can be extended in any direction.
7. Steel has smaller columns as compared to concrete columns, so do to this more space will be available for some other functions.
8. As steel structures are lighter then concrete, therefore there is less cost used and foundation of structure become less expensive.
9. Steel structures are cost-effective


Material list
Project sample Steel Structure Warehouse
Building size (m) Such as 78 x 30 (24) x 8.5 (7) m/ Customized
Item Specification
Main steel structure
Steel column H(300-550)x200x6x10, Steel Q345
Steel Beam H(300-550)x180x6x8, H300x180x6x8, Steel Q345
Second steel structure
Roof Purlin C180*75*50*2.5
Wall Purlin C180*75*50*2.5
Cross Support 20 Round Steel Bar, Steel Q235
Column Bracing 20 Round Steel Bar, Steel Q235
Angle Brace L50x4 Angle Steel, Steel Q235
Tie Bar 89*3, Steel Q235
Roof and wall panel
roof panel 50mm sandwich panel (EPS, PU, Glass wool, Rock wool)
Wall panel 50mm sandwich panel (EPS, PU, Glass wool, Rock wool)
rolling up door auto-matic rolling up door
Single Wing door sandwich panel door
Window Aluminum/PVC sliding window with single glass
Edge Cover steel sheet (thickness 0.5mm)
Fittings glass adhesive, self-tapping screw etc.
Other fittings
Embedded M24 steel Q235, process
Intensive bolt Grade 10.9
Ordinary bolt 4.8S




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