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Why more industrial parks prefer steel structure buildings?

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Nowadays, more and more industrial parks prefer to build workshop, warehouse, office and other buildings by steel structures. Why are steel structures so popular with the public? It is mainly due to the four excellent functions of steel structure "light, fast, good properties and economical".

1. Light

The steel structure has the characteristics of light weight and excellent stress function.

Steel has the smallest ratio of density to strength compared with concrete and wood. For example, the weight of steel roof trusses is only 30% or even 25% of the same concrete roof truss under the same load and strength conditions. The weight of the steel structure house is about 50% of the reinforced concrete house, but the usable area is about 4% higher than that of the reinforced concrete house.

2. Fast

The steel structure is prefabricated in the factory then bolts contacted installation on site. It has the characteristics of mass production of large pieces and high-level precision of finished products, which effectively shorten the construction period and reducing the cost to give high investment returen. Compared with the construction period of reinforced concrete structure engineering, the steel structure is only 1/3 to 1/2 of the reinforced concrete structure under the same conditions .

3. Good properties

The steel structure has good properties and high reliability.

Steel has uniform of texture, isotropy, large elastic modulus, good plasticity ,good resistance and is an ideal elastic plastic body. Therefore, the steel structure will not suddenly break due to occasional overloading or partial overloading, it can adapt to the oscillating load, and the calculation model can reflect the mechanical properties of the steel well, so the analysis is accurate and reliable.


The cost of steel structure is higher than concrete structure from the raw materials only, but the construction speed of steel structure is about 50% faster than concrete structure, which will save a lot of time and cost. The steel structure is more than 50% lighter than the overall weight of the concrete structure house, so that the cost of basic treatment and transportation will be reduced. Building is a systematic project  includes many items, such as planning, manufacturing, transportation, installation, maintenance and management. Therefore, from the overall point of view, the steel structure is more cost saving.

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